Reaching the Customer


Search engines are becoming increasingly more intelligent, technological tools are evolving and social  media trends are rapidly changing and companies need to do more than focus on search engines or  online networking in order to stay relevant online. Companies have begun to realize this and are  starting to generate online content aimed for search engine optimization (SEO) with a particular  focus on the latest social trends: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to boost their online presence.

In essence, instead of relying on ‘Google-oriented’ strategies for online marketing, they should be  generating unique content for their customers and only then determining the best platform for  publishing that content. Online Marketing really is that simple.

Start by listening to your customer’s needs and try to understand their behavior. Understand what  and how they are searching online, so that you can meet these requests. Many businesses struggle  with this, but strong online marketing consists of a compelling customer-based content that can be  adapted to any of the technological channels.

Once the valuable content is there, it’s fundamental to select the channels for delivering the content,  which might not necessarily be one or all of the top three social media channels. For example, a  company could post short clip on Vine instead of a standard tweet or YouTube video. Exploring new  multimedia aspects to deliver content and interact with the customers is the most efficient way to  interact with your existent or potential customers.

Companies should try to let their content flow in the social media channels, instead of pushing it in a  unidirectional way. Focusing on the wrong KPI’s can finally take companies to the conclusion that  Social Networks are not for them. It would be a terrible mistake. Technology changes so fast that  having knowledge of specific online marketing tools is no longer sufficient. The real question is: what are you doing with all of this technology to reach and really interact with your customers?

Article by: Marc Llebaria Roig, Academic Director of La Salle’s Master in Digital Business Management  degree and Online Marketing professor.

Director Académico del Máster en Gestión de Negocios Digitales (MGND). Marc también desempeña las labores de profesor titular del Curso de Posicionamiento en Internet (SEO, SEM, SMM) de la UOLS realizando ediciones continuas en distintos formatos (Online, Presencial y Mixtos) y países.

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